Savage Garden

5 Apr

Dude. So right as I was despairing about how I didn’t have any content for the Amethyst today and my blog experiment is clearly spiraling down the toilet and why don’t any of my projects ever work, this guy shows up in my inbox. LIFE IS FUNNY EVERYONE

Click to read more of Garden Spectre by Sam Alden

All I know is about Sam Alden is that he’s 23, he lives in Portland, and he made this gorgeous, splendidly detailed but at once rough-hewn Moleskine┬« comic titled Garden Spectre. And that I am his newest beaming fan. Look at those trees. Reminds me of the old Ripley’s Believe it or Not! art from the ’30s, but it’s a little user-friendlier, I think. Way more chewable than a bunch of point-blank faces of kings.

You can find more of Sam’s work at I recommend that you do.

(Sorry for the headline, everyone.)

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